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adcBeautiful people intimidate me.

IG: @adrielwrites

No food pictures, I promise. Only words, mostly.

Rudolf (aloofgoof)


If there were any down to earth writers in the world, Rudolf would at least pretend to be one of them. And so, this profile write-up isn’t gonna dick around, because it is written by Rudolf himself. One must admit, writing about oneself in third person has got to be one of the most pretentious things a person can do, just like all these people who write autobiographies. But that’s what people do to try and get everyone to believe they’re great, right? Anyway, Rudolf grew up on the sunny island of Singapore where everyone enjoys complaining about anything, because there isn’t much else to do. Rather than groan and gripe like everyone else, Rudolf decided to channel all his negative energy into making fun of things instead. Hence, his sense of humour has long since evolved beyond the level of the average human being, taking the form of an alien likeness that the world has never seen. So it’s not surprising he’s going to write about stuff that regular jerkoffs wouldn’t have the human capacity to find funny.

Others have even accused him of being a sociopath. Majoring in psychology, Rudolf considers himself an expert on sociopaths, and can assure you that he is not one, and you’re the fuckin’ sociopath. Other than satirizing things, Rudolf also writes poetry and fiction just so he can piss off artsy-fartsy people and show them that anybody can write. He also hates socialites because he thinks they have it easier than everyone else and don’t do as many purposeful things. He also has issues with women, because they’re dangerous. You can’t trust them. That is a fact.

Sabriena (Sabertoothriena)


As a little girl, Sabriena has always been deemed as the overdramatic one. So, instead of giving into her violent tendencies, she writes. She loves learning about the world, different cultures, lifestyles and likes watching documentaries in her spare time.

Currently, she is trying to make her writing degree count by writing more than just “Dear Diary” blog posts and attempts to write fiction with well-justified political purpose. She is sometimes swayed by the little voice in her head that tells her “your writing isn’t good enough” and when that happens, you find her in a pretty bad mood.

She’s still struggling with getting into the habit of writing without waiting for inspiration to hit, but I’m sure she’ll figure it out somehow. Yet one thing you should know is that giving her food brightens her up immediately – any day, any time. She is always up for a good bowl of soupy Singaporean fishball noodles and an oyster omelette.

Sabriena is also a talker. She enjoys conversations about religion and the meaning of life, and likes discussing books, films, plays and poetry with friends. Her favourite writer is Jonathan Safran Foer and her favourite spoken word poet is Sierra DeMulder.



Gamer. Turntablist. Cynic. Dwelling into the superficial intricacies of current affairs, video games and all manner of offensiveness, Jeremiah strives to strike into the hearts of all the cruel nature of information. Noticing the severe lack of informative humor and cheap candid shots on this melancholic planet, his one goal is to help sow the seeds of knowledge into the arses of the sheeply flock. Hands and feet will get dirty. Very, very dirty.

Jing Jing (truthfulcorrespondence)


In the most superficial sense, She’s your average student struggling in school and experiencing every other adolescent problems that exists. Transcending beyond that, She feels as if her life is in a continuous transitional phase in that she’s always trying to figure out where the hell she is and what in the world she’s doing. Her thoughts are always in a constant state of chaos and craziness, and sometimes she ends up in places not knowing how she even got there. Perhaps craziness can be taken as inspiration, but she humbly confesses- She’s no writer- merely one seeking a sweet escape in the form of words.

Tan Yi Da (antiday)


Tan Yi Da is an engineer by day and artist by night. His head is an overcrowded paracosm of dreamscape entities and living stories, all clamoring to be manifested in any way possible. To stop his psychoverse from exploding, he must keep drawing and writing stories in a never-ending effort to set them free. Occasionally, a few of them manage to make it big enough in real life to bring home the bacon. The rest hide out in the shelves and hold the fort against the termites. Tan Yi Da lives in Singapore and is currently in university, studying how to balance mass equations. His greatest dream in life is to combine magick and science to create a perpetual source of clean energy, but unfortunately for him, half the world doesn’t believe in magick and the other half doesn’t believe in science. He is an INFP and a left-hander, as well as an undistinguished poet.

Yin Min (nimniy)


A Writer-to aspire-to become.
A Believer.
A Traveller.
An Explorer.
A student.

The Bottomline: “You can never read me.

Saburi Ken


Some people possess a rather sensitive gay-dar (an intuitive gay rader) but Saburi Ken was born with a built-in bullshit sensor that rings off violently when anybody attempts to bullshit his or her way through. Throughout his atypical life, he has been singled out from society because of his Japanese Malaysian-Chinese heritage. As a result, Saburi’s honest opinions carry traces of misanthropical views that have little mercy on the human race. He currently studies in post-Soviet Estonia, where there is less bullshit to set him off, loves visiting and speaking in Estonian to his favourite “auntie” in the market to get his EUR 2.50 (SGD 4.22) per kg minced pork while admiring jaw-dropping supermodel-esque voluptuous Estonian ladies. Living and studying in Estonia for the past year has reinforced and vindicated Saburi’s love-hate relationship for Singapore and Singaporeans. However, some old things never change; Saburi still gets a thrill out of brutally busting people’s presumptuous self-righteous outtake of life by making fun of them, and himself.

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