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The Standard Tissue is constantly looking for writers to add more variety to it’s content, and more content to it’s variety.

We believe that free speech is a wonderful human right that should be utilized to express individual ideas, from the darkest thoughts to the most optimistic of musings. That ranges from biographical accounts, stories, poetry, opinions, etc. At the Standard Tissue, nothing is taboo (except racism), we welcome all content as unique ideas and expressions.

That said, while we are always looking for new writers, we are also about quality, not just quantity. Some may argue that there is no objective way to determine if a piece of text is good literature or not, while others may argue that majority decides what is good. Here at the Standard Tissue, we have no judging criteria. If we read your work and we like it, then that’s good enough for us. On the other hand, if we hated your work but it made a strong impression, that’s also good enough too. A few rules however: Good grammar, originality, no plagiarism, and no racism (we can’t stress this enough!).

As a StandardTissue writer, you contribute as and when you like. There is no obligation to post a minimum number of posts or within a set frequency. You will be given the freedom to write about virtually anything, really. You may even choose to just post photographs, if that’s your thing.

Think of this as your safe haven. You get to write absolutely anything you want without fear of inadequacy or judgement. We’re not a bunch of pseudo intellectuals who stand by the sidelines ready to criticize your every move. We’re just regular people, and we want you to join us.

We’re also not a ‘clique’. Not all of us have actually met one another and a handful of our writers joined by first sending us an email.

So email us if you are interested in becoming a Standard Tissue author!

Email us at: , alternatively, drop us a message on our facebook page. Looking forward to having you on the team!



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