The Standard Tissue was initially started without any direction, on a Friday afternoon, 31st August 2012 as a personal blog. Some time later, as the chips fell into place, The Standard Tissue became a shared blog.

The Standard Tissue can be described as a community of writers with varying interests. Individual travelers who have crossed paths but with different destinations in mind.

We write about any and everything and as long as we feel the urge or desire to, we write. Our views may not coincide with one another, but that is what makes us unique as a community, as a combined entity. We are a group, but we are also individuals with unique perspectives.

We appreciate any support we can get and hope to maintain our image as an informal community of writers or just people who enjoy free content sharing.

The authors on the Standard Tissue team are not limited or influenced in any way with regards to their updates & posts. Suffice it to say, we don’t cramp their style . They update & post at their own time as well as manage their own content; Raw, uncut and unsupervised. They are given pretty much carte blanche on whatever they wish to express or write about.

They do not receive any form of remuneration and we do not earn from advertising on The Standard Tissue. Money is not and should not be a priority here; it’s all about good content sharing and pure individual expression.

We don’t know where or how far The Standard Tissue will take us, but it had to start somewhere and so, here we are.

The Standard Tissue. Always casual, only usual.


The Standard Tissue team


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