As sparks fly.

People will try to hurt you with words- people who call themselves your friends will go around in circles, sometimes kicking you down, just so they can stay afloat. It’s called self-interest, and it usually transcends friendship and similar sentiments.

There will be better people- people who stay by your side as the world starts to crumble. There will be people who listen, and go beyond just hearing what you have to say. There will be people who hold your hand and tell you that they could never fully understand what you are going through, but they want to, and they care enough to want to try to understand.

The smooth talkers and the tongue twisters, they play their little games. They tell a different story every time they speak. They think they are doing their part to save the world- to keep the bridges from falling, and the hearts from breaking- but they are wrong. Their false sense of nobility carries them from day to day, justifying their existence only to themselves and their accomplices. Their delusions of grandeur and genius is only a reflection of their own well crafted but nonetheless mediocre lies.

The tragedy is not that these people exist- it is that people listen. Lies would not be lies if they did not work, say, if people had an impeccable instinct for lie detection. These ones, they craft their stories and they try to make you play your role in their little tales. They will push you to that end, and you will fall, because they are good at what they do. They eat into their own lies day after day, living a life that they imagine to be true- they are masters like that, and so you will inevitably fall, in due time.

Then, the isolation comes. It comes when people do not listen. It comes when people fall behind the very lies that seek to destroy you. They worship the lies that cause sparks to fly. We are built that way. We are more inclined to turn our heads towards a fire than a bucket of water. Humanity is not lost in wars, murder or desecration. It is lost in lies, and it all starts with one little seemingly harmless lie.

You are surrounded by these people and they never seem to stop talking. Fret not, for you are in the pits- only temporarily. Someday, you will rise above all of these. These things will not matter like they do right now. Not anymore. You will build for yourself a better world. Their lies will always exist, and they will always try to hurt you, but you will be able to shrug them off.

Not yet, but you will be ready. You will build a life that nobody can deny. You will fight your way to the front. You will understand destiny, and you will watch them thread water in their pool of lies. The weaker ones eventually drown, but the masters, they somehow stay afloat.

It matters not. Leave them be. Reality will always be subjective, because some people simply cannot share.


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