The notion of optimism is an interesting one. Definition here.

I’d like
to be optimistic, as much as I can.
I’d really like that. I would
really like to believe that
even as people
come and go, even as people
say and do
things that really
destroy me
on the inside, even
as people refuse
to stand on my side as
the world tears me down, I’d
like to believe that they will
be a day for me,

A day where I
would, without
having to explain,
be understood
completely. Where
the inner workings
of my warped mind can be
so easily understood
by any and every one that I
could, perhaps,
finally feel like I

it’s just
the anxiety
talking. Maybe
it’s the rumination and
negative thinking that’s gotten me
all messed up, all over again. Every time
I feel like I could
let someone into my life, I
immediately jump straight into thinking
about the day where they
eventually leave. But,
I’d like to be
optimistic. I want to
that people stay
and that I
can be loved.

I want to.


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