Following Zero on Facebook and Instagram

I am not sure what I should be classified under. (I do not believe in classifications/labels)

Anti-social? Recluse? Or simply living in your own bubble?

The thing is, many of my friends are quite shocked as to why I have Facebook and Instagram and other forms of social media YET the most peculiar thing is, I do not follow anyone at all. 

Perhaps, I should explain myself. 

But first, do not take me wrong, I AM CERTAINLY NOT A NARCISSISTIC person OR a loser with zero friends on Fb and Instagram. 

And today, I am going to answer all the burning questions that have been thrown on me ever since I got these accounts.  

Personally, I feel absolutely no need to know each and every single detail in every single person’s lives. From what did they have for lunch, what are they doing on a Monday morning, what did they wear to school to did their doggy poop today. Why do people spend so much time caring about these kind of things? 

There is no fun in poking into the business of every single persons’ lives, be it strangers/or Facebook friends who are mere acquaintances. (A person can have a thousand friends on Facebook but are you sure you know every single of them?) 

Personally, I believe that if a friend is a close friend of yours who means alot to you, you would take the time out of your busy schedule to talk to her and meet up with her no matter what, instead of “stalking” her and knowing what’s going on in her life through Instagram or Facebook updates and photos. This may require more effort but if a person is really worth your time, she is worth your extra effort to take time out for a catch up rather than spending hours on Facebook/Instagram just scrolling through photos and buzzing about people’s lives. 

Besides this, I believe that people do innately tend to compare even if they do not actively say they do. Whenever you see beautiful pictures uploaded on Facebook of a friend’s recent holiday, you admire them and yet deep down inside, perhaps you feel a tiny pinch, wishing you were there. This causes an oblivious kind of jealousy and inferiority complex. You wish you were like them. 

I believe that as long as you are happy with yourself and your life, thats all it matters. You do not have to announce to the whole world about everything or bother about what they think/make out of you (or the number of likes you get). You are a secure and happy person. 

When it boils down to myself, I personally rarely update my Facebook statuses and I follow NO ONE on Instagram. It may sound a bit of an extreme but to me, these two platforms serve a different purpose. They are a personal collection of memories for me. I use both Facebook and Instagram to upload photos of my adventures and memories as it is in a digitilized format. Therefore, you know that these pictures/memories exist forever and can never be lost. (unless you lost your password but hey you can still retrieve it right?) Even years down the road, you can still scroll back at these photos and memories, knowing that they are never lost. And if you happen to chance upon these pictures while scrolling on newsfeed and like them, I am glad that you enjoyed them. 

It is indeed difficult in today’s society, given how technology and social media has become the almost primal form of communication between humans. However, if all pure sense of real human-to-human interaction has been lost, what are we left with? 

So to everyone who has asked me this question, I hope this answers your question. 🙂 


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