That much is true.

You walk tall
You stand strong
You wear a smile
(The same one you wore yesterday,
the day before, and
for as long as I can remember)

You’re covered
in the nicest colors
the sweetest songs play
wherever you go

The world smiles at you
and you smile back
day in and day out
you’re always up and about

Going places, meeting people
same conversations
over and over
albeit in a different context

You pick the stories you like
and go with the people that tell them
You shut out the rest
the ones that speak less
(but tell more)

Remember the story
pencil in the eye
You can’t step on people your whole life
You do know that

You know more
than people think you know
But you also don’t
know what you don’t know

You were there for
that much is true
but in a world of fools
You would always be
nothing but a





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