A Narcissistic, Negative Culture.

               I came across this story published by AsiaOne, and couldn’t help but marvel at how low the average netizen has fallen. The story can be found here, and it essentially talks about a 63 year old man who married for the 3rd time. The first wife was a cheating skank, and the 2nd probably had psychological problems. The article further explains about the man’s failing health, and his desire for a significant other. Then I chanced upon this comment. Forgive me once again for the bad paint job, and to make it easier on your eyes in the future I’m starting a crowdfunding project for me to do my professional certificate certifying that I am a certifiably certified master in Microsoft Paint. If our country clown beloved, enthusiastic blogger can raise $70,000 in 4 days, I could surely raise a few quid for a fake cert. They’re both the same thing, right?


                Anyway, I’ll let this sink in a little. “Will divorce for sure unless his health fail him again!” Yup, letting it sink a little bit more now. There’s even an exclamation mark to further display his excitement. And herein lies the problem, our dear commentator does not know the 63 year old man, and will probably never will and yet, a total stranger has condemned to 1) The utter confines of loneliness and 2) The abysmal confines of hell, purgatory or whichever imaginary friend you believe in. Just so we’re clear, there’s a thin line between trolling, being sarcastic and being plain negative. It’s a huge grey area, and mostly subjected to individual interpretations but there are boundaries nonetheless. I would ask, “Why?” but the theories are limitless and depressingly so. Examples of plain negative ones do include cyber-bullying, witch hunts, intention of hate, etc.  

                This isn’t new. This isn’t the first time a disgruntled citizen of the internet has published an article lamenting the exponentially growing trend of “justifiable” and “accepted” negativity. The concept of this article will be rehashed and re-interpreted ad nauseum. I know this, obviously. I tell myself that perhaps this article will help others feel as if they’re not alone in this. Or maybe this article might convince someone to not be a douchebag for a day. Maybe it may even knock a bit of sense into someone’s conscience. We’re running on a lot of “maybes” and “coulda, woulda, shoulda”.

                No, who am I kidding? An article will probably not change the world, it just makes me feel better in the way these same commentators bring others down to make their own horrid lives a little better. Could this be a new form of survivability, even? We’re playing tug of war, and nobody’s winning. So, of this I ask you dear readers: Smile, spread a bit of cheer to those around you and refrain from putting others down. We all know the world’s full of negative crap and as such, some happiness even in minute amounts would do a whole load of good. Focus on objective, logical debates with reasoning instead of being fuelled by emotional whims. 

                We all know the answer, it’s just a matter of executing it. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong of course. I am after all, just a normal human being trying to make sense of the world around me. And no, I am not taking either side with regards to the CPF lawsuit. It just looks like 2 spoilt brats fighting over a piggy bank that holds no answers or understanding. And no, I’m not turning soft, I still have plenty of satirical and black humour material swirling in my head somewhere. I MIGHT post them here, or I might not.  


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