Let them.

Let them.” I said, trying
to comfort the girl, now crying
with bruised elbows.

Min does a half-nod and
kneels down
on the grass, slowly
picking up the pieces
and putting them into little boxes.

Did you
make them yourself?
The boxes, I mean
.” She nods and
for a split second,
before the frown
finds its way back on her now flushed

She picks up the pieces
slowly, picking up each piece
carefully and holding them
up toward the sky
for a few seconds
before putting them back
in their boxes.

I watch
in amazement as she does this
for every single piece.

I approach her
with every intention of helping
but she rejects my offer
with another split-second half

it-it’s..it’s okay” she
mumbles, her teary eyes
sparkling under the afternoon sun.

I close my eyes. I feel
rage, anger and chaos
stirring within my heart. I picture myself
flipping tables and throwing books
at concrete walls.

The same old questions dance around in my head.
“What did she ever do
to deserve this?” “Why would they?”




I open my eyes
to a gentle tugging
at my pocket sleeve.
“I’m done”, she says,
trying her best
at a better smile than
before. I try my best
too, pushing the demons inside
back down.

I feel weak,
and useless, like
I could have prevented this
somehow. Like
there were courses of actions that
I could have taken to stop this from happening
in the first place.

Then I beat myself up
all over again.
What could I possibly have done?
Me. A few years
older but still a kid.

can we-
can we go
She tugs on my pocket sleeve
once more. I feel my eyes swelling
with tears, but
I hold them back.

I give her a nod
as I hold her hand. She is still trembling,
and my heart
breaks a little more.

As we cross the grassy knoll
towards the city, she whispers
to herself “I wish-
I wish I could fly”.

My heart
shatters, and
I lose control of my tears. They roll
down my cheek, one
after another. I look away
so she doesn’t see.



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