As I drag my feet towards the blinding light
I am reminded of the hold that my demons have on me
The binding chains that have been on my ankles for so long
Sometimes it feels like they are a part of me
like I’ve forgotten how freedom feels like

My mind overflows with thought
but my lips are still. I cannot find my voice.
I have all the right words but nothing to say
I hold my tongue and calm myself
because it feels like I am about to explode

I lift my eyes towards the sky
feeling the invigorating rays of the sun
the warmth that blesses my pale skin
is delightful, but only for a second
I go back to watching my own feet

As I drag myself across the tarmac
I wriggle my fingers to remind myself
that I yet live and there is still hope
in the little moments that will soon appear
I hope.

So I drag my feet one after another
weary body with a heart in knots
they say I’m an old soul
and that I was not meant to be
at least, not in this place

But the search goes on
A step at a time
someday, I hope, someday
I’ll find what I’m looking for
and then I’ll know.


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