In a world.

But people like me, we drift.

We listen. We learn. We don’t get involved. At least, we try not to. Yet, It I’ve fallen. I’ve played with fire and got burnt.

We must understand that these people are unlike us. They have different thought processes. They do not see as we do and the foundations of their world do not tie with ours. We are different, yet all the same.

We dream of a better world, as they do. We see the ideal while we drift along the murky waters of what they call reality. We try to find ourselves but our efforts are futile. Those that don’t belong can only make do and adapt.

So we watch, and we learn. We live, and we try to love.

We seek understanding. We find meaning and significance in the mundane, desperate for something – A reason. Something to justify the chaos that runs amok. Something that tells us that it is all ultimately worth saving.

Something, or perhaps, someone. Yet the trouble is, very often, we start wondering if they’re the ones that are lost, or perhaps, we are.


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