Waiting on a crisis.

Somebody has to see it the way I see it. The filth that drag their feet around with their silver-screen smiles and obligatory, repetitive surface conversations that go nowhere.

I sometimes feel like an extra in a bad television series that goes on and on. I see the same people everyday, and then some more. I see copies of the same people walking around, going in circles, saying the same things to one another. I hear the same bad jokes circulating, you know, the kind that gets the whole room laughing – well, everyone but you.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this. It’s only been a few days and I’m all worn out. I’m tired of facing these faces. I’m waiting on a crisis that will have them stabbing one another in the back – something I would really, oh really, relish. I suppose when the chips fall, it would pay to be a lone wolf. It would feel really good to be the guy standing by the sidelines, watching these people destroy one another over things that don’t matter. Things as stupid and trivial as hashtags and soggy hashbrowns that get stuck in the toaster.

Who needs friends at times like these. I would have little to no use for carbon copies of people who I pretend to like (some are decent enough to return the favor) on a daily basis. Still, it vexes me sometimes. The nerve of these people, and the general stupidity that is floating all around. It’s like a seminar for con artists, except they’re all playing one another and nobody’s the wiser. Everyone likes to think that they’re ahead and that they’re on top of things but their arrogance pretty much guarantees that they’re all headed for disaster, collectively.

Oh but I see you. I hear the whispers and I see the way your eyes move, if only for that split second before your million dollar smile comes back on. Oh you sly, sly people.

The trick, so I’ve learned, is to go 75%. Never go full on with the smiles, because the nicest people are the ones that make you feel like they’d carry a donkey on their back for you for a mile without complaining. There are nice people, no doubt, but more often than not, these are the people that have the prettiest, most decent smiles that you can find. These are your over-the-top fakers. The arrogant bastards that hide behind a mask of false humility. Oh but I see you too.

Still, all I really want is for no one to see me.
Still wishing I was invisible and still
waiting on that crisis.






2 thoughts on “Waiting on a crisis.

  1. Face interactions drain me. That’s probably why I have no friends. I’m too exhausted too pretend, and have no motivation to do so. I find it annoying that they feel its necessary to put on airs.


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