Matching Values & Expectations

  Before reading this article, please note that I am referring to the countless experiences of my friends’ and mine. Maybe it’s bad luck that my friends and I have met shitty tramps or maybe it is just the way it is. HOWEVER, there are a handful of Singaporean ladies in my network who are really good girls, and I know who you are and recognize your awesomeness.

 “I only date guys who drive a car.” said some cunt.

Alright, so what’s new? Girls don’t like men, they like cars and money, right?

The first thing that went through my mind was, “What a bitch”. As if the value of a man is determined by the car he owns, or the money in his wallet.

On the other hand, questions guys must ask when faced with these cunts are:

“What can this bitch offer in exchange for a car?”

“Is she going to contribute financially to our relationship? Because driving her lazy fat ass to-and-fro is petrol consuming and petrol doesn’t come cheap, especially after weeks of fancy dinners.”

“Can she cook like my grandma?”

“Can she fuck my brains out?”

“Does she like playing computer or video games?”

“Does she like the LOTR novels so that I can ask her out to watch the sequel of The Hobbits so that she can blow me in the cinema?”

“Does she likes football or other sports?”

“Does she know how to clean the house?”

“Does she plays an musical instrument? Would be great if it’s a blowing instrument.”

“Can she do all of the above?”

Even if the girl does meet the above criteria, it still wouldn’t be sensible to date for the sake of material benefits.

My hypothetical reply to that would be, “Yeah, I drive but I only date girls who are great at blowjobs.” Does this offend you, girls? Great, coz’ that’s how guys feel when we’re expected to have a car.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with expecting your other half to have a car, just like how I expect my other half to suck my dick well. The question to ask is thus, what can one offer before making such ridiculous demands? What do you have that makes you worthy of being in a relationship with a guy with a car?

It’s quite obvious you only date for the convenience of being driven around.

If she expects the guy to drive or to earn couple of grands, well, she got to be as capable as he is in-terms of what she can give. I don’t mean literally but figuratively.

Besides that, it is women from developed countries who hold such refined, wholesome and sophisticated expectations. No, I’m not only referring to Singaporean cunts; surely it exists in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Munich, London, etc. So don’t feel so special, you have like-minded breed all over the world. Not that special after all, not that special after all.

Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly okay for ladies to have high expectations of a guy’s qualities or character traits such as high IQ, humorous, talented, hard-working, passionate, ambitious, generous, discipline, etc etc.

A material like a car to be considered worthy? That says a lot about the girl.
No, wait, it doesn’t say a lot about the girl because the label “Cunt” is befitting for her status.

Just imagine the sheer amount of self-entitlement that these bitches are levitating on.

It’s like a guy saying, “I only date girls who have a fully-equipped kitchen.” or “I only date a girl who owns a dildo because she would know how to satisfy herself while I’m away without her cheating on me.”

Yeah, you will probably call the guy a sexist if he says that he only dates girls who own a sandwich maker or something. Anyway, I don’t think a guy would have a material as a dating requirement in the first place.

So, yeah.

I strongly believe that most guys would have a character or behavioural dating prerequisite such as: girls who don’t smoke, girls who are not alcoholic, girls who enjoy reading books, girls who play computer games, girls who are funny, girls who are great with kids, etc etc etc.

Anyway, I’m digressing a little here. That’s another topic altogether.

Back to the main topic.

I really do not have any idea on how modern girls form their requirements of men.

High expectations but what can they do to match it?

There were once these traditional old-school women who were experts in domestic care and duties. The men who did everything to get a good pay, a good position in a company and the best he can afford for the family while the traditional ladies do their best to keep their homes organized, always cooking the shit out of your meals and making sure that you are a well-taken care man. If you have trouble thinking of what a traditional lady is, just recall how your grandma was like. Anyway, you can see there’s a give and take cycle going on.

They need to realise that being the modern women as they are today means that they cannot expect the same circumstances, playing field, privileges and treatment as the traditional old-school women once had.

Modern women are holding their own salaries, being more educated than ever before and entering the job market earlier than their Singaporean male counterparts. Yet, expect the guy to pay for almost everything, if not, everything, and to spoil them like as if they were full-time housewives getting rewarded for all the good job they have done at home.

If the guy is paying for almost everything, what about the cunt’s salary or savings? Where did it all go? Spending selfishly in retail stores and shit?

They need to contribute to the relationship in these modern times using updated modern mindsets. Going Dutch and stop being a selfish self-entitled little bitch is a great way to start.

It may sound like I’m only focusing on financial-sharing but it is not the main point in this blog article.

The main point is to match your value to the high expectations you have for a guy.

If you want a rich smart guy, then as a modern woman, you would also need to be really smart, well-read and extraordinarily interesting because your beauty alone is a liability to a rich intelligent dude if you think that your cosmetic “asset” is enough.

Especially to guys, stop being such pussies and settling for such undeserving cunts. You are only feeding the demand which will only encourage the supply. Your child won’t be too proud about the fact that his or her mother only dated guys who drive a car.

So, stop giving in to materialistic women and their self-entitled wants. Better be alone than with a cunt.

By the way, do you know what will be hilarious? If you hear a lesbian saying, “I only date a girl who drives a car.”
I will crack up laughing till my bones hurt.


P.S. I have been a misogynist for most of the time back in Singapore and pretty much lost hope in women. To study in Estonia has been one of the greatest life decision so far. The women of Estonia are inexplicably awesome and I can only sing high praises of them. I love, admire and greatly respect good women but strongly dislike cunts. I’m not a sexist but a realist.


One thought on “Matching Values & Expectations

  1. What you’re saying about Singaporean women sounds pretty much the same about (mainly) countryside Italian ladies. They overcame the fact that they have a job and that they could be independent in every single aspect of their lives but, still, they look for someone who would give them everything (basically, someone stupid enough to do that). And guys, when they get around their 30’s they usually accept the “silent agreement” of being with someone, just because it’s time to settle down and get a family.

    There’s nothing about Love. It’s all about doing things because it’s time to do them, get a boyfriend/husband/whatever just because you you want one. Just like a game, just like a dress. That’s why there are stupid expectations or stupid “rules”: because there are no feelings.


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