How Is It

How is it

that people you saw in visions of the future –
Older, graying (but with the style and poise of maturity of course) and chatting over tea
Still acting adolescent at times, laughing over innocuous matters
and because you’d grown up, serious matters too.

Impressed with how far you all had come. Making snide remarks at those exceeding your achievements, but hopefully contented with what you all had.
Those with whom you inhaled the heady fumes of youth – then you were courageous, strong and immortal – and stood in lines with, together against the world.
Those whom you allowed to lead in the rhythmic, meandering dance away from the familiar yet trusted to pull you back from the edge.
The fellow shysters you worked with to get the best deal out of Life

All that can change in a moment
a twinkle of glamour
the intoxicating scent of romance
a surf of emotion
a slight misstep off the path of rationality

How everything
can crash around you
leaving only mismatched shards.
And you can no longer distinguish the solid from the phantasm
and the fragments of reflections.

Then you realize
You’re alone.


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