My faith in humanity, in me.

Not anymore.

People change,
People give in,
People break promises,
People has wrong motives,
People are generally,
Selfish and full of pride.

Most of us know full well, how broken we can be and that is when our remote control goes out of control. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are doing what we are doing. Hence, we hurt, we break, we offend and vice versa.(Most of the time, its we who do this to ourselves.) Its a struggle of promises being broken, hate, competitiveness, rejection, failure and what not.

If i do not even know why i am doing what i am doing, how can i have faith “in me” that i’ll reach that destiny that i wanted so much. As a kid, i wanted to be a doctor but things changed, perception changed, choices changed even the reality that once was, changed.
If i am swaying and clashing to the wind and the waves that is taking me to different places, how do i even know where i will be tomorrow? If i don’t know whether i will live to see tomorrow, how can i have faith that i will go to that trip i saved and planned all of my life?

So that little faith in humanity that i once had. Changed. My faith in me, diminished.

So, i became free cause the strongholds of my pride to impress, to please, to compete, to everything about me were sucked into the deepest hole of the “bermuda triangle”. (Lol)
I am fragile, i am imperfect, i am weak, i make mistakes, but i am free.


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