Five reasons why you’re not blogging

Times have changed. Conventional Blogs (wordpress, blogspot) are no longer as popular as they used to be when the concept of blogging first hit the internet.With the emergence of a myriad of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on for people as virtual outlets for self-expression and interaction beyond what we used to have in the earlier years of the internet, the term ‘blogging’ itself has taken on a new meaning.

1) Social media

social media

You love it, you hate it, you can’t stop using it. Different people use social media differently but one thing remains constant: it keeps you connected to others. However, there are studies that suggest that the more time you spend ‘connected’ to others, the more isolated you become. A virtual poke just doesn’t compare to a warm hug. With social media platforms, people share links of interesting articles. You read these articles and you share them with your own circle of friends and they repeat the same procedure and it goes on and on. Someone writes these articles..just, not you.

2) Micro blogging


Perhaps, the two most notable pioneers for this new phenomenon known as ‘Microblogging’ are twitter and Instagram. Thoughts, opinions, perspectives and perhaps even notable epiphanies are filtered down into 140 characters or simply a picture or two, or three, or four, or..all. If good articles were ever food for thought, it is apparent that our appetite has changed from regular meals to quick snacks throughout the day with the focus on taste and quick calorie replenishment over good, proper nutrition.

3) Instant gratification, approval and validation


Human beings have a natural, innate desire to be socially accepted. This innate desire has evolved into a hunger or even, an addiction. We are so constantly in need of instant validation from others that we feel ostracized when few people, or nobody, notices our virtual presence. We lose our minds when nobody likes our pictures, such as the one of the beach, or that burger, that you posted, like the 500 other people who took the same picture of the same thing with a different effect of a same set of effects. You are a click away from letting someone know that he is still a part of society. Do you part today, click away.

4) Technology


You have your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatnot all in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket or handbag. Your cellular phone pretty much does it all and most people have no real need for a computer besides for school or work purposes. Tablets are a joy too, with bigger screens for you to appreciate the inspiring photographs on Instagram as well as the 140 character bits of wisdom on Twitter. Touchscreens are great, but typing anything more than 20 words at one time proves to be a chore. With all this convenience, your attention span is dwindling, and that’s how (if you are still reading) I lured you to this page: by using a list.

5)You’re just not cool enough

lifestyle blog

It would be ridiculous to say that blogging is dead because it isn’t. Evidently not. We have the lifestyle blogging community. People who are so unbelievably cool that they entice you to their blogs through their insightful perspectives on the newest salons and apparel trends.It’s a trend so be careful. The next time you see a page full of thumbnails of girls with heavy makeup, it may not be your regular por..well, bookmark. You may find in the realm of lifestyle bloggers, where normal people fantasize about having the do-up lives of other normal people.

I’m not naive enough to claim that they’re all bad. I enjoy the ones with original photography and art. Blogs that are more personal, rather than flooded with shameless (and free) advertising of products and details that nobody really wants to read about. Maybe it’s just where I come from. Maybe it’s just me.

–    blogs

Thankfully, there are still great blogs out there. Real blogs, where people express themselves in words and the occasional picture or two. I always enjoy reading honest expressions in words. It’s also nice to see people taking photos of people actually doing things with other people such as their friends, family or children instead of pictures of food, places or themselves posing for the camera.

Being  a full-time blogger is quite an accomplishment. Blogging statistics in 2012 shows 8% of bloggers being able to support a family (wow, really) and 9% being able to sustain their lifestyles blogging 4-6 hours a day.

But it’s not always about the money. Write something. Challenge yourself to have opinions and thoughts beyond 140 characters. And really, stop it with those pictures all the time.


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