The Anonymous Observer

When I was younger, in a futile attempt to make me brighter, my mother sent me for supplementary classes, otherwise known to many of us as tution. After those classes, my father be tasked to pick me up. But as a busy man, the waiting time, for me, often stretched from 5minutes to 50minutes. During which, I would stand in an unnoticeable corner and watch the world pass me by- I’d wonder what the hunchbacked old man selling tissues life story was, what the engrossed ladies by the stores are discussing about, who the person next to me was waiting for.
It’s more than just imagination and wandering thoughts- it’s a study of facial expression, bodily behaviour and progress of events.

Now that I am older, observing people seem to take on another connotation (for me at least) Instead of standing in an inconspicuous corner, I’m sitting behind a computer screen. I’m studying answers on, searching for profiles on Facebook, reading daily rumblings and exclamations on Twitter.

But the hardest part of observing people now, is that what you see is often not what you get- People have evolved, and now are capable of living behind multiple masks, behave differently under different social circles and display different personalities that you wonder who they really are. But extrapolating that unto myself, I come to the conclusion that nobody really knows who they are either. I, for one, am guilty as charged.

Still, observing people is my favorite past time. Over the years, through various ways, I have spoken to people I never thought I would ever have crossed paths with or actually did without realizing so. It’s been pretty amazing with plenty of emotional roller coaster rides and insane risk-taking and somehow I hope that I can share this so that anybody who is aspiring towards craziness are warned and those who are smarter would take my word for it and skip the pits of hell and fire that I placed myself into.

So, I guess the anonymous observer is not that anonymous now after all 😉


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