Every time as i try to write,

words crumble into pieces

and ended up into nothingness

_______ and empty spaces.

Convoluted and Contorted, (it doesnt make sense)

Nothing but a confused stream of thoughts

(which was clear in your mind) yet

stifled and stuck when you attempt to put them into words.

(not even endless ramblings.)

I guess,

the worst kind of fear in every writer

is a writer’s block.

That stifling feeling,

as you struggle for the right words to say

(yet it comes out as nothing.)


that’s when you realised that though words can empower,

yet sometimes,

there is little they can do.


Some things are beyond what words can express,

(and beyond your control.)

To write, is to be judged.

and then again, as I shy away from the public eye,


no writing needs recognition.

For it is your voice

and what you believe in that really matters.


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