They’re still laughing.

You hear the whispers
And at the corner of your eye,
the stares with giggling that soon follow
Menacing, really, it’s always you

You, they’re talking about.
Center of all their little jokes
that you never hear of
You, they’re making fun of.

The years go by
but nothing really changes
it’s 2013
and they’re still laughing.

It’s not about where you’ve been
or what you’ve seen

There will always be ‘them’
and then there’s you.
A victim then
and a victim now.

Careless, helpless
The gears of time may click
some things never change
and old habits do so stick.

You were a victim then
and you’re a victim now

this misery sees no end
salvation is close but out of reach
the comfort of an old friend
a longing heart that needs

more than a simple stitch.


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