For you.

Ambitions are dreams you want to achieve. It can also be a percentage to keep you going in life. The importance of your ambition can be seen from your perseverance, e.g. what is stopping you? Can you do anything about it?

When you can’t find the right answer like “pigs can fly impossible” it shows your ambition is not as important as what is stopping you from it.

For some, it may be financial issues, language barriers, self-control, unsupportive parents, even the country itself. You have to understand, we only require food, air and water to survive and secondarily,clothing and shelter.

Would you rather, scrimp on leftovers you barely earn from your work you probably hate, or would you rather scrimp on leftovers you barely earn from your work you love? Do you want to wake up each day dreading it or looking forward to it? Would you like to sit on your butt all day always depending on people and not be able to move a step with your very own will or would you rather have the confidence to do whatever you want with your own free will?

Are you able to convince your parents of the steps you want to take for your own dreams and aspirations? Are you able to let go of your pride and start small? Are you willing to learn and follow? Are you able to earn with your very own hands with gratitude, knowing this is for your aspirations? Are you going to let the talent God deposited into your very inner soul by wasting it away or glorifying Him?

Is sitting on your bed all day whinging about everything in the world more important than your ambition? If you knew you had the capability to change it, are you willing to hop out of bed and take the step of faith,humility and endurance? Most of all, do you have the ability to control yourself, to persevere and see your destiny before its manifestation. Are you prepared, for the countless cuts and bruises and U turns, you might have to take on the road to your ambition?

When you decide to take the step, you will have to prepare yourself for the countless trials and tribulations that will come your way.

The world does not want you to be successful but thrive anyways. Your machine will break down,walk!  Your best friend might be munching on bacon right in front of you, concentrate on your fruit anyways. You might be running low on cash, forget new gadgets, forget the fashion trend (create your own). As long as you have shelter, food and clothes to wear, nothing else matters. You cannot understand the language; take an hour a day to learn it in the comfort of your own room!  The political situation is not in your favour, ADJUST!

Right now, how important is your aspirations from roaming around with no direction all day? So, if you had the capability, which you already have, do you want to hop out of bed or stay in that same stagnant motion that you always have.



“Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you set this goal in the first place.”



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