She’s thirsty.

Restlessness transcends into pent up aggression as she stands up and rummages through her bag for her 8-inch tanto. She walks up to the short and stout one in front of her, perpetually munching on sweet things, grabs her hair and slits her throat. The blood excites her.

The class bursts into chaotic frenzy, but no one moves. They are at a complete standstill. She moves on to the next one, the blonde, in the front row. The one with the annoying incomprehensible accent. Why, of all people, you, a distant child of the commonwealth, find yourself unable to articulate and enunciate your words properly. In one swift, skillful slash, her cheek tears open and she, the annoying blonde, falls to the ground, bleeding from the face.

Moving on, the egocentric bigot who claims to speak french, dropping a word or two every once in a while for flaunting purposes. You’re not good enough and now, taste cold steel, feeble human flesh. Your ego fails you today. No armor, no, not today. A well aimed stab, straight through the chest, puts her to the ground, screaming in agony. A grin of satisfaction finds it’s place on the killer’s face.

A grim scene, but the work being done here is of utmost importance. Stay on task. Next, the islander with an apparent lack of ethics and integrity. One born of little or perhaps no respect for the interests and intentions of others. Her cold, monotonous insults stop today. Some meticulously forged German steel in her spleen would put, and leave her, in pain before she comes back around to conclude your miserable life.

She leaves the 8 incher in the islander and whips out another. 7 inches, balanced, perfectly sharpened and forged with carbon composite. The loudmouth comes next. Nothing left to be said, the 7-incher travels through the air as it is flung and pierces his skull like a pumpkin. He dies instantly.

She smiles, and suddenly, no one else has anything to say. Silence fills the room as the rain comes to a stop and the sun awakens to greet a world that is, just for today, a little darker than usual.


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