People are people.

I give up on people. I give up on trying to help a people that are so blinded by what they see that they do not realize that they’re trapped in a bubble of delusions.

I give up thinking that things would and could change; that they could somehow see what I see, but no. Being ahead of the curve means, to these people, that you’re weird and dysfunctional. They congregate to spread words about you; things that you’d rather not hear, but eventually do. They reject you for your beliefs, because you’re not like them and you will never be.

It would be like asking you to use steam engines in the face of a new V8. You can’t go back to thinking like that. These thoughts don’t just go away. Your philosophy and perception of how things should be will never be well received, so give up now before they discover who you really are and hate you for it, if they haven’t already started to.

Give up, because these people are programmed to be a certain way, as are you. Your over enthusiasm with regards to wanting to help these people will often, if not always, be seen as arrogance.

We’re actors, you and I. Actors of the highest caliber. We’ve learned, over the years, how to act like these people; how to walk and talk as they do. Our reaction time has improved. We know how to react when things happen to or around us. We always keep open options in our minds in the event of a crisis. We wake up every morning planning, meticulously, every step in advance yet sometimes, these people still surprise us and sometimes we still do mess up. It’s inevitable, and disappointing.

The pursuit of perfection is a futile one. A fool’s errand.

What then, can a man do when he is a born wanderer, besides total exclusion from the likes of these people. Them, and their constant need and insatiable hunger for interaction and intimacy. There’s no way around it. No such thing as ‘cutting corners’, no, not when it comes to these things. One can only wait and hope that they someday see what you see. Until then, it is only a matter of time before the weight of misunderstanding and disdain of others onto you overburdens your weary shoulders and you eventually crumble, as we all do, and give up on people. Helping people.

You. You will never be like them. We’re the same, you and I. We don’t need them. These people who smile and dance around in a hot, steamy pot of fresh hypocrisy. You see that. I know you do. Now see what I see and forsake the problems of these people.
Refuse to get tangled up in their lives any longer. You’ll always be the reject. The odd ball that only comes in handy when there’s that thing that needs to be done, and everyone’s hands are, conveniently, too clean to do it.

Your single serving purpose, for these single serving hypocrites, ends today.


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