You can have.

Perhaps, always being cynical and seeing the worst in people isn’t really a bad thing.
In the world I live in, people dance around each others lives, pulling at strings that are near ready to snap, except they don’t. They pull on these threads without fear or regard. Oh, they test you, is what they do.

That stinging, bitter taste of betrayal stays in your mouth as you bite your lip in the face of injustice like this. To stand and do nothing while everything you love and desire is slowly being taken away from you by the people who brand themselves your ‘friends’.

Betrayal. Now that’s funny business right there. Things get messy when people suddenly decide to have or, only now, grow a conscience. These people flock to your funeral, raining apologies on forgotten transgressions. Not exactly hypocrites, but close enough.

The concept of ‘love’ and sustainable relationships have since eluded me. I fancy myself a writer and in that sense, I see definitions as words by another one such person (who calls himself a writer). My faith in relationships extend beyond that of purely intimate ones as I find myself question the very frailty of even the simplest, platonic relationships.

Friends. They sell you out for money, material possessions, other friends, people they like better, people that look better, people they want to have and most of all, themselves.

So, friends? I say no. The sad truth is that people don’t find time for others anymore. It’s all about capitalizing on self-interest and efficiency. How is giving you my time beneficial to my life right now? Again, they sometimes ignore you simply because you bore them, or you’re not good looking enough. Maybe because you don’t fit into the social standard of being ‘cool’, or whatever they call it these days.

What’s really sad about it is how we so shamelessly run to these very people. For love, acceptance and whatnot. We’re suckers.




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