The perfect story

There is a difference between being a writer and being able to write, like how being clean shaven and well dressed is different from possessing natural, exotic beauty.
A man once wrote about writing the perfect story and the things that a writer goes through just to capture that magic that makes beautiful writing come to life. He claims that a writer cuts himself just so he can feel how the characters feel. He puts himself through the very hoops that the characters go through.

A fool once wrote about writing the perfect story. There is no such thing as one; not from a writer at least. A writer is never pleased with his work. His work is never done and never complete. It only has the potential to reach a certain level where the writer is able to somehow pry himself away from the perceived imperfections and allow it to be shared with another human being.

A writer is not necessarily a creature of solitude. The media has popularized this stereotype. They walk among you, just like any other. At least, on the outside. On the inside, however, holds an entirely different universe. One that you cannot possibly hope to understand.

One which you may visit, through the writer’s careless words, but never stay longer than welcomed.

Anyone can write. Things like having an education helps one write better. Having unpopular and unconventional opinions and perspectives deceives one into thinking that he or she is somehow unique and should therefore express himself or herself through words.

A writer’s world may differ from yours, but it is not the words that makes him or her different. It is the journey that he or she embarks on just to string those very words together so they reach your eyes. Through words, he hopes to bring the colors of his world from his or her eyes, to yours.

There is no such thing as the perfect story. No, not in a writer’s world.


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