A teenage girl with shaky family dynamics suddenly finds herself spiraling downward in a world of uncertainty as she comes of age and is exposed to the spoils of life on the other side. She discovers feelings that she does not understand and acts on them, most leading to more uncertainty, and in turn, more trouble.

She is young, but very old. Life has exhausted her. Betrayal and disappointment has weighed her down. She is slowly losing herself and her will to live as the uncertainty slowly comes to an end and she finds that nothing surprises her anymore.

People are predictable and somehow it seems as if there is nothing to look forward to, nothing to discover and no one that could possibly love her for the damaged soul that she is.

They come and go, adding on to the hurt that she’s accumulated over the years, constantly feeling like nobody understands and no one ever will. She’s tired. Just a girl, tired.


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