It used to be that a man could fail in his endeavors and indulge in failure & a healthy dose of depression, at least, for a while.

She does not accept people who fail.

The organisations and people who say they do, only do so for the purpose of transforming you under the false pretense of ‘helping you‘. You will be put under constant scrutiny and discrimination if your definition of success is not aligned with popular opinion.

Simply put, we can’t fail, not like we used to anyway.

We’re human beings. We’ll take a good thing and bring it over the top, just because we can. Motivational speakers, life coaches and the likes got their exposure years back and it proved to be a raging success. It still is, perhaps, but we cannot live in constant denial of the fact that we have become a population of people who have little or no concern about the original intentions of another person.

We absolutely adore making life choices for others and deciding what’s best for them as well as evaluating all of their options for them. It started from conceited hero-complex thinking and now it has evolved into becoming verbal and more aggressive altogether.

It’ll only go further from here, because, why settle for less? Why stop now when you can have so much more?

She would urge you, press you to go for your dreams. Especially you, the youth, (supposed) future leaders of the generation, but what happens if your dreams aren’t as noble or ambitious as the rest?

They’ll be condescending, tell you it’s not right. Think big, young one. You can achieve so much more, if you’d just take a few steps more and take action today.

Worse, if you have no distinct goals for yourself. She brands you lazy & as a chronic procrastinator who will probably, no, definitely never achieve anything substantial or significant in life.

You loser, you.
Society, she.


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