Raconteurs of the last chapter.

Have you ever wondered about the elasticity of your inner self, or as some may call it, your soul? About the lines and moral codes that you set for yourself and whether you would cross them for any reason whatsoever and still be able to live with yourself by justifying these actions to the world, if not yourself?

You would might have pictured yourself in a variety of situations and circumstances that challenged your moral obligations and the foundation of your civil upbringing, if not for mere fantasy, to see if these dilemmas can be overcome and whether you like the image of yourself, in these hypothetical scenarios.

Most of us are predictable. There are the things that make us tick and there are the things that unnerve us and causes us to act irrationally.

Where then, do we draw the line between justifiable and irrational?

Perhaps this is why we do the things we do, in a self exploratory effort to discover ourselves in a deeper sense. We watch films, play games and read stories about fictional characters and imagine ourselves to be those very characters. We ponder about the decisions they make and subsequently place ourselves in their positions and think about whether we would make the same choices, or dispute them.

Some would say that we live by the choices and decisions that we make in life yet this does not necessarily tell us who we really are. There are so many external influences that surround us today that we sometimes feel (and it may very well be so) that we do not have as much control over what shapes us to be the people we are than we would like to believe.

You’re one person to your parents, another to your significant other, another to your friends and acquaintances and perhaps another to your colleagues.

The constant battle among all your alternate identities that you build to adapt to different people and circumstances is perhaps the one thing that prevents you from truly discovering who you really are underneath your skin. It may be that this is the very reason that we feel the urge (some suppress it better than others) to do something drastic. To find an abyss to fall in and eliminate any option of getting out. To push ourselves over the edge and finally discover the truth about our inner selves.

To create or destroy, to discover.

With every triumph there is likely to be a downfall. With every soul you save from the gutter, one is likely to fall deeper into another hole. Such is the balance of life and also the reason (I could be wrong here) that the human mind continues to baffle us.

What drives people to do the selfless things they do or, at the other end of the spectrum, the unspeakable things that we perceive as evil? Some people dedicate their entire lives fighting for a purpose or a cause, while others do the exact opposite because they believe that these purposes or causes are futile.

Be it the mortal struggle for peace, justice, innocence and security or the fight of faith and religion, there will be, on the other side of the fence, people who believe that peace, justice, security, faith or innocence do not exist that they are not viable for they can be easily taken away.

It’s about how the stories are conceptualized and written;  the motivation and justifications behind the things we do and the decisions we make which may not be how others perceive them to be. Our true intentions are only known to ourselves, wait, we’ve only just realized that we don’t really know..

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