Ignorance is Bliss.

People are just, different. Different with many differences or similarities, disagreements or agreements, to understand or to not being able to understand.

I have never walked in your shoes neither have you in mine. 

Now “Respect” is a total different thing. Respect comes when you know there are a million possibilities, when you know you are strong enough to accept an individual’s passion. A person can never so much as to know another person fully even in a thousand years. Heck, i don’t even know myself fully!

My point is, people are selfish. They are full of pride. They cannot understand a different being. I guess this is where labels like “Weirdos” come in. They cannot digest the fact there is someone, for example, who dresses differently, or has a different habit. Its a wonder, how we all came to be mixed up in such an ignorant society where we don’t even need to recognize good from bad but instead, respect our neighbors’ ways of leading their “own” bloody lives.


One thought on “Ignorance is Bliss.

  1. Exactly my sentiments siru….I just don’t get why is it so difficult to just give a little respect to someone else. The way some ppl speak here. seriously their ego is so embedded that they aren’t even aware how rude they sound when they pass comments! Being Judgmental is human instincts but they could at least practice being Subtle rite! Gosh…sometimes these issues just trigger my Nerves!


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