Are We Too Pampered?

A story caught my eye when I was reading the newspaper today. It’s actually just a small issue but I believe that if you look at it in a certain way, it actually shows you what kind of culture we have in Singapore.

The main issue here is cleanliness. I’m sure most people would like their house to be kept clean but it is surprising how some, I’m not saying all, do not have that kind of sentiment when they’re out and about. Now, I’m not trying to promote a campaign to keep our country clean and green, nothing like that but I’m sure most of us would like to live and work in an environment which is looked after well. We can’t always depend on hired help to clean up after us.

For example, in the article that I read about in the newspaper, they conducted something like a survey in a few food outlets. The main focus of the survey was, who would clear their own tray after consuming their food before leaving. Surprisingly, an average of only 3 out of 10 do so. Now what does that say about our culture? Are we too pampered to the point that we don’t even clear our own trays after eating to make room for the next patrons? Or do we consider ourselves doing such menial jobs to be ‘too below us’? Some patrons who were asked why they did not clear the tray were to have the following mindset, ‘why should I clear the trays? The cleaners wouldn’t have a job to do if I did that’. This is my opinion but I think such responses are complete utter bullocks.

I’m not trying to force my own thinking on others but I feel that it wouldn’t hurt to just clean up after yourself be it after eating or any other activities. We’re all living in this country together anyway, so let’s do our best to keep it clean as we do our own houses.


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