The potential for potential

People live their lives with different sets of ideas, morals, principles and any other human-coined terms that they decide to use as a guideline towards how they choose to lead their lives.

I don’t want the blog to reek of only cynicism and negativity, so today, I’ll embrace the positives. (At this point I find myself staring blankly at the screen, unable to come up with anything).  I can’t deny that the influences in my life has created something in me that steers away from the light.

A consciousness inside me that sometimes acts as blinkers which prevent me from appreciating the finer things in life. That is not to say that I am not grateful for what I have or that I hate my life and everything in it. I don’t. I’m grateful for everything in my life.

It is only everyday that my mind overwhelms itself with thoughts that most people don’t even come across. Everybody relishes the contemporary idea that they’re unique and special, maybe they are, but more often than not ( I arrive at this conclusion yet again), I see a people created by circumstance and influence which they don’t have any influence over.

I wasn’t always like this. There was a time where I’d have settled for whatever life decided to give me without contest or complaint. As time went by, something in me changed. I set standards for myself and decided not to settle for anything less. However, I don’t set enough goals for me to be like one of those carbon copies I-went-through-a-NLP-type-motivational-program-and-I-want-to-be-a-millionaire-tomorrow types.

I set realistic goals which are sometimes co-created with a part of my self-deprecating self.

To reach my goals, I sometimes resort to..less than ethical means. I’d set my sights on getting the job done and can sometimes be viewed by my peers as cold and ruthless. The choice of words may hint at slight exaggeration, but sometimes being realistic means bringing on the worst; the whole picture, no matter how bad it looks, and setting it on the table before dissecting it.

My priorities don’t include (or at least, not at the top) having everyone like or enjoy working with me. My slight obsessive compulsive impulses enforce this quality and prevents me from making compromises. I’ll stick to the sometimes unrealistic standards I set for others myself and willingly accept it as a cost for a better ‘bigger picture’, a more complete outcome.

Not everyone appreciates my working ethic, but I don’t seek to please with nagging processes and smiley faces. I bring results into the picture, no matter what I have to resort to do.

I know. I should care more about others, but not at the cost of hypocrisy. I don’t out rightly care about whether credit is given to me where credit is due, I derive satisfaction from my work through it’s effectiveness and not the general acceptance and likeness of it.

Of course, I do have limits and morals. There are lines I will not cross. I realize at this point I’ve made myself sound like some sort of result-driven psychopath who resorts to questionable methods, but as I’ve mentioned, we bring the entire carcass to the table before we start to dissect it.

It all ties in with the socially dysfunctional part of me. I generally don’t play well with others and sometimes it shows more of itself than I’d like to reveal. People don’t simply accept you for who you are. That’s why we watch people. We study them on the streets, through the media (on the screen and on print) and learn about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Or maybe it’s just me. Not everyone has to put in this much just to be like the rest, but let’s be positive.

I’ve got the potential for potential, as do you. We all do. Most of us can do the things that we never thought possible, like how those motivational Ads tell us. We can, we want to, we try and we can’t.

It’s like having enough pennies for a packet of seeds, only you don’t buy them. You could. You want to nurture it and watch it grow but you don’t. You’ve got the potential for all that potential but you don’t use it. The question of ‘why’ it is such is reserved for yourself. Only you know.

The excuses are usually within the same spectrum. This generation and the next, someday we’ll have the potential for the potential to have potential (to have potential) and that’ll be the day we don’t even bother to complete our sentences.

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