One step to freedom.

You think you have it all. Family, friends, love, money. If you don’t, you’ll get there eventually. We all will, and if you don’t, it’s one more modern sob story for the record.

You pursue what you believe you know and want while heinously ignoring the most crucial aspects of what it means to be human. They call it progress. They deem it a necessity. They know what is best for you, simply because you don’t.

Every single waking day of your life, you feed yourself with the elusive ideals of self imposed freedom. You embrace the tragic irony of pseudo motivation, believing you truly can achieve if you set your mind to it, but to what end and at what cost? How do you know that what you want is what you need, or whether what you want is inherently exclusive to you; What if the dreams you so dearly embrace were only seeds planted within you by a greater but not necessarily sentinel power; Whether your thoughts of independence and confidence stemmed from your self denial as a victim of the grand scheme of things, seeing only what you want to see; Are you an individual, or part of the corporate whorehouse that society has so lovingly embraced. What are you.

I cannot tell you where to go, but I can certainly point you in the right direction. Choose. Be part of the social construct with its inevitable demise, grazing on the poison riddled grass with content and blatant ignorance or simply, think. The world is much more than materialistic desires or instant gratification. It doesn’t mean they cannot be enjoyed, but when you believe that it becomes an innermost need, you are nothing more than a sheep, or a sheep adorned with diamonds and jewels. Either way, you are still a sheep living in your fantasy driven sandbox, filled with your perceptions of freedom, success and the future which will never be your own.

The greatest act of achieving freedom is not from circumstance, nor is it from human beings. Rather, it is from oneself. Free yourself. The one you call you.

Go ahead then, ball’s in your court now.


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