Insanity is a choice

Let’s talk about people. First, clear your mind, lest you picture me cynical.

People are always talking about people. We’re talking about how great it used to be, or how great it’s going to be or maybe just how great it is right now. We talk, about people.

In the world we live in today (which is fundamentally not that much different from the one that our ancestors walked), we’re walking, talking piles of ashes (and dust). We’re ignorant, arrogant and short sighted. We’re mortals in denial, which makes it ironic because we’re not afraid of death in general. It neither causes an unreasonable level of depression nor does it disrupt our lives to a point where drastic action has to be taken yet the simplest, most trivial things get to us.

A break up.

Losing money.

Your computer hangs while you’re streaming pornography movies online.

Claiming to be stuck in a state of poverty because you can’t afford to shop at D&G and Chanel.

There’s more and you know it, but point being, we’ve evolved into simpletons that do not have even the slightest grasp on life or death for that matter. We have no idea (and we don’t stop to think about) whether life has a purpose or the gravity of the finality of death that we will all inevitably face. We no longer think about any of these things. We base our lives on these trivial things and let them run us around on a (very short) leash. Our emotions are driven by trivial nonsense and our personalities are media-molded. I’ll be who you want me to be, you say.

We’re walking, talking drones. Or maybe, it’s just you.

Look out the window. It’s an endless parade of vanity stricken, self obsessed drones, and the worse part is, it’s not just the youth. We’re dying, but who’s to say anything’s changed. The delivery has changed, perhaps, with new media and better, more holistic broadcasting capabilities. We’re talk, like we used to, only louder now.

Take that pair of D&G glasses ($400) and throw it out the window. People like you make me wonder. How do you walk around all day believing that you’re perfect, and how do people believe that you are? I hate you, beautiful people. You glorify the drones in every way and that’s disgusting.

Apologies. I digress. My utter detest of beautiful people will have to be explored on another fine day.

Where were we? Oh yes, the drones. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that they(you) are useless. I believe everyone has a purpose and will eventually find a place on this Earth where he or she belongs, unless of course, circumstances prevent them from doing so.

Save that, you’ll find your place, someday, but perhaps that’s all they (you) will ever be. Walking bags of ashes (dust) waiting to happen. What happened to the glory days of chasing dreams and the pursuit of passion, with passion? We (you) settle for so much less or even nothing at all.

Look at yourself. Search your soul.  Let’s be honest here, you’re thinking ‘better them than me‘. You’re selfish, self-obsessed and a coward in denial. You secretly wish you could run down the crowded streets with a machete, cutting down person by person like they were meat bags (and not feel bad about it) , but they’re not, they’re walking piles of ashes waiting to happen. You succumb to the nature of things, but at least, face your demons for these monsters are what make you who you really are. It’s called human nature. We get to decide.

What’s worse than being a monster is being one in denial. You’re as crazy as me, you all are. You’re just lost. Here’s an idea, insanity is a choice. Push them demons down as many times as you like, hide your true self from the world that is bright with the light of hypocrisy, but don’t be one of them. Don’t be a faceless, mindless, serving-my-purpose-till-I-die drones.

Embrace the darkness.

Embrace your true self. The world has tamed you and taken from you something that you never knew exists inside of you. Claim your rights and go crazy. Go you.

Do not mistaken darkness for evil. They are clearly different entities and could not be more different. Blue pill, you say?

Well then, embrace your comfort, drone.


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