Generation M

Now, before we get started, I suggest you watch the inspiration for this short little post. Note: Don’t cringe, although the amount of cringe worthiness is equivalent to watching puppies play with each other.

All right. Let’s begin. She’s 19, and 2 months pregnant, with a guy whose mentality probably rivals that of a baboon. Their combined intellectual ability is most probably on par with a cat, and I know cats who are way smarter. Anyway, the questions gnawing at my bones are 1) Is she so stupid to have kids at that kind of age where the maturity of both parties are highly questionable (Think longevity) and 2) Stick with a guy who abuses her, for this reason called uh. “Love”. Oh please. When a guy hits you (And according to her has been going on for some time), shouldn’t that spark off a train of thought that you know, something is wrong? Sure you could argue that she was scared, thinking of the baby, or loved him too much (Which is a bullshit reason FYI) but think about it, wouldn’t these same reasons force anyone to do the right and most logical thing, to get herself and the baby away from him as soon as possible? But no, because the story wouldn’t be as fun then. *Rolls eyes*

“Hey babe you wanna fuck?”
“Oh of course you do.”
Logic 101.

Now now, before you self righteously berate me with your “HOW COULD YOU BE SO HEARTLESS?” and “SHE HAS A RIGHT TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THIS ASSHOLE!”, I’m not being all that apathetic or cynical, I just find it absolutely hilarious that she got herself in this predicament when I’m fairly certain that a single brain cell in her brain told her it was a bad idea in the beginning (Which was then overwhelmed by the stupid brain cells, poor fella), and when shit predictably hits the fan, boo hoo hoo to the world. Unless she approaches the police, a lawyer, or a counselor, everything else is moot. Because if she actually approaches the police and gets a restraining order, then it’s perfectly aligned with her saying that she is standing up for herself lawfully. But by the looks of it, no. Let’s just use Facebook, have the world cry with me, and thus I am standing up for myself. *brrr*. But hey, logic plus plus, amirite? Actually, I take back my words earlier from the first paragraph when I compared them to a cat. A cat is light years ahead of them in intellectualism, and for lack of finding a living object comparable to them, I shan’t attempt to elaborate further.

Smart cat agrees that you’re in deep shit, kids.

For what little it is, the video does provide some damning evidence and even if she said or did something stupid to rile Mr. Human Baboon up, he should not have gone all ape and pawed her as if she was a ripe banana. My own opinion? You never hit girls, even if they are being absolute bitches with an outrageous sense of self entitlement coupled with the irony of being the “weaker being” after all the feminist talk about “Equality”. Logic. Still, based on the video alone and what (little) can be taken from it, the “politically correct” response *Cough* would probably be that he gets his ass busted and thrown into jail where I’m sure he’ll receive a spanking of his own. There, I did my part for society. I can die now knowing I’m a productive citizen.

Sigh. You know what’s the tragedy that this is reflective of? That it’s happening everywhere, and more. Even sadder still is that these “incidents” are happening so much it’s becoming a norm. I’m in my early 20’s, and I am not proud to admit we are from a generation of monkeys. And by monkeys, I don’t mean the animal as we know of presently. Monkeys as in a new and temporary term for a new strain which came from Homo Sapiens that in recent times somehow lost its way and created a breed of disaster. Yes, THOSE Monkeys. Monkeys who think of procreation as modern day hopscotch, monkeys who think of problems as best resolved when putting it onto Facebook, and scarily enough, monkeys who staggeringly outnumber us. (By us, I mean me, and maybe you if you tend to agree with most of what I have said, jest or no). Anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Generation Fucking M. Literally.

Oh, and I forgot. The most ludicrous thing that comes out of these events are the Facebook heroes who proclaim the death of so and so, or the salvation of yet another so and so after watching a video without ever knowing the person or the situation. My message to you, please stop. Please stop flooding my Facebook wall with your sanctimonious bullshit. Oh wait. Sorry. Please feel free to carry on, or else I wouldn’t have any more material to write on this travesty.


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