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If there’s one thing that’s been constant in my life, it’s been my falling off-the-wagon with TV serials. Looking back, it started with one show and went from there (It hasn’t stopped).

  2004 – 2010

Now, let’s get that bad joke out of the way. I get it almost all the time when I tried introducing the show to people who’ve watched an episode or two here and there. They got ‘lost’ and lost interest.  Besides being the first show that I dived head first into, lost is a show where missing an episode or two could leave you feeling that way.

I remember those days, years back, following the series religiously week after week, always looking forward to the next episode to air.

Lost has six seasons with episodes number in the 20s for each season. It caught my eye right off the screening of the pilot episode. I don’t know whether it was the characters each having equally deep depth or the plot which leaves you hanging, yet strings you along for one hell of a ride. What I do know was that I was hooked from the get go.

Watch lost if you enjoy cliff hangers, twists, conspiracy, deep plot lines and widespread character connections that make you question yourself from time to time. Some dramas are focused on characters and some center in on the plot lines; Lost does both equally well.

I’ve watched a large number of TV shows (whole seasons) since Lost and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. It did take a different turn in the later seasons, but go through the first and second, if it sticks, you’ll know.

 2005 – 2009

Prison break was released the year after Lost and they were running together. The original idea took flight with ease and I was easily reeled in. I wouldn’t say it’s the best prison drama out there (There’s OZ), but you can’t really compare them. Prison break started out good with the first few seasons and ended up drowning itself in conspiracy theories that lead nowhere. I felt like some of the characters were there just to set up another line of theories, just for the sake of pushing the show through another season. It does, however, provide good entertainment value and I still rewatch it every now and then.

If you like prison dramas, it’s a no brainer. Go for it.

 1997 – 2003

Since we’re on the topic of prison dramas, here’s Oz. Chances are, you’ve never heard about it. Now, I get the stigma about watching shows that came out before the millennium; the entertainment value is questioned due to limitations. You couldn’t be more wrong in this case.

OZ is raw, vulgar, honest and pure entertainment. It’s one of the three of TV’s goldmines (along with The Wire and The Shield). I skipped classes just to watch this. It got me hooked right from the first monologue entry by Augustus Hill. Those who’ve watched Lost long enough to know about Harold Perrineau‘s character in Lost would have added on their belt some scorn for his whiny appearances in Lost, screaming again and again for his son Walt. Don’t let that get in your way, Harold Perrineau‘s does a brilliant job in OZ, along with the rest of the cast.

Oz touches on pretty much every thing there is to talk about and has a great script with multi-dimensional characters, all with their own flaws.  OZ has everything. Violence, depth, plot and comedy even.

2002 – 2008

Having a 9.5/10 rating on IMDB.com, it wasn’t long before I heard about The Wire.
I do admit though, it was quite hard getting through the first episode. It takes a while to catch on. In the beginning, you’ll be somewhat caught up in wondering who’s who and who’s running for who that you probably might miss out on what makes The Wire such a success.

The Wire paints an honest portrait about the drug scene in Baltimore (some of the actors were actual drug dealers and ex-offenders) and if that doesn’t make it interesting enough for you, The Wire brings fast paced action to the table without the loss of any important elements of the show. It’s intelligent, well written and backed up with a wonderful cast but like I said, it takes a while to match the dots and once you do, you’ll be turning tricks just to keep watching.

The Wire is unlike other police and crime centered TV shows such as CSI. The Wire takes a while to establish plot lines, feeding you details slowly with each episode serving as a constant build up to something bigger. There isn’t a resolution at the end of every episode like the other police dramas.

It also portrays characters in a way whereby there is no clear picture of who’s the hero and who’s the villain. The wire is built on characters just as much as it is built on plot. Everyone’s flawed and it makes you wonder.

Everything adds up to a near perfect mix, The Wire is definitely one of the best shows ever written and produced.


That’s all I have for now. I’ll bring updates on some other shows that I had immersed myself into such as The Shield, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Dexter, Psych, Scrubs, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Californication, Misfits (UK) and  Skins (UK). These are but a handful of what I’ve watched over the past number of years since I discovered Lost and with it, the joy and fulfillment (or addiction) of following an entire series of a TV show from the first episode down to the last and having that emptiness inside you, wondering if the next TV show you start on will be able to top the one you’ve just finished.

Check back for updates.


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