She’ll eat you whole and alive
Spit you out when She’s done.
You’ll dream about it being real
Or was it really a dream?
Words are poison
laced on a dagger
that is her tongue.

can you hide your dreams
from her prying eyes
Her stare is toxic
it leaves no stone
unturned, look away.

You can’t. I understand.
Her touch befriends.
Your skin crawls
overwhelmed with warmth
and slowly
slowly you burn.

You try to break words
but your voice falls empty
and her heart,
set in stone.
You try to walk away
pace yourself, one two
one two
too late. Two stone hearts tonight.

You can’t tell the world your story.
Oh they wouldn’t believe you. Not them.
Not the warm blooded creatures that live and breathe.
Not to you, they won’t. Not
in this life.

The moons make time
and someday you’ll crumble.
Perhaps someday
a cold blooded stranger
should stumble.
You’ll find peace then
in a world so warm
a pair of cold feet
& the shoes of an old friend.



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